The Charles Hotel Review – Travel Hotels Reviews

The Charles Hotel is Cambridge Massachusetts is a very nice hotel. It is also very expensive. We recently stayed at the Charles a few days ago for a business trip. I have to say that I really enjoyed our stay at the hotel. Everyone was friendly and very respectful. This is one of the biggest problems that I have when traveling in today’s world.The minute we arrived someone was at the cab before we could get out of the car to help with the luggage. When we went inside, the service at the front desk was as good as you can get. They treated us with the utmost respect and courtesy. We had a few questions about what to do is Boston and where to eat, they were more than helpful with that information also.The Charles has a gym inside that is its own gym. The guests of the Charles can visit the gym during normal hours and access all it has to offer. This was a big plus for us, since we are big into health and staying fit. The gym had a lap pool that we swam in for almost an hour. Then we sat in a wonderful hot tub to relax after a few minutes. We then decided to go take a look around the gym to see what they had to offer. It is very nicely equipped with weights, machines, and room for different cardio classes.The rooms at the Charles are not very big, but the cleanliness and service makes up for it. The quality of construction of the rooms here are almost immaculate. They did a wonderful job on the hotel. The bed sleeps like a champ as well. I highly recommend staying if you are visiting the area.