Experience of a Lifetime: East Coast Travel Tour Review – Travel Hotels Reviews

My husband and I recently went on an east coast tour starting from NYC on April 2nd. We enjoyed this air cruise quite a lot, and there are some things to be said of this tour by private plane.We had two tour guides Eugene Ener and Lillian Barbela. Eugene truly did a great job! And the second guide, Lillian Barbella, was acceptable but we would like to mention the following remarks and want you to take them into consideration in order to encourage travelers to enjoy this kind of experience.Here is the full review of our east coast travel tour…Punctuality is an important factor when it comes to tour guides. Thankfully, on the first day we didn’t have to wait for Mrs. Barbela at the Hudson Hotel. She was on time! The same happened after the lunch break on April 3rd and on April 4th, we had an extra 35 minutes after the spare time/lunch break at the Hershey factory due to her timeliness. The same day she was again 10 min early after a short stop at the Amish tour. For a guide, this is more than acceptable. One usually has to wait when travelling with a group, but on this east coast tour by private plane, our guide’s punctuality allowed us to partake in new activities with our added spare time like at the CN Tower where a coffee shop was available.We were told that our guides have done this tour several times before, and it showed! She knew the schedules for each day and it seemed that she was very knowledgeable of each destination, which often resulted in in-depth discussions about all facets of each destination as we arrived on our deluxe coach bus. This may be a result of the fact that the tour guides spend a lot of time before the trip studying the history of the region. Because of this, she never missed to give information on landmarks, she saw and recognized each of them (such as the Capitol building in Washington D.C.). There was a lot of information about the schedule and everything else given, same for facts if for example tickets were still needed (for example at the Niagara Falls), which resulted in a lot of answers for the needed information.Fortunately, there are little to no complaints about the topic information. Besides precise information… when to be where, my expectations were met with guides that give information on facts (e.g. about the main achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. or during which time George Washington lived).According to my knowledge our tour guides were not booked on the tour until a couple from Brazil booked the tour and asked for a Spanish/Portuguese tour guide, which is totally fine, because everyone should have the chance to truly enjoy the tour. Luckily, we appreciate that the tour was multi-lingual in Spanish and English. Guided tours (e.g. at the vine tasting and through the Amish country) are rarely interrupted by her to translate, which never upset and confused the stops on the tour.As Mrs. Barbela would always say, when traveling with a group one has to be flexible, but this flexibility is understood if the whole group has to consider the wishes of the guide or a minority.Overall, the tour guides made the experience of flying by private plane to multiple cities in the eastern region a huge success!