How to Make Money From Travel Photography – Travel Hotels Reviews

Doing what you love and earning money at the same time is undoubtedly anyone’s dream job. Traveling and photography are two most promising hobbies you can use for earning money. Combine the two hobbies and get even more benefit.Here are some things you need to prepare for travel photography:1. Have your own camera. This is the most basic requirement you need as a travel photographer. Do some research to figure out which camera suits you well.2. Learn the right mindset and techniques from photography classes and books.3. Be aware of and sensitive to once-in-a-lifetime events or things that might happen around you.4. Always have your camera ready on the go. Be always prepared for capturing unique moments out there.5. Learn about the places you are planning to visit. Get to know the landmarks, tourist attractions, local customs, exhibitions, and local cuisine in your destination.6. Create online portfolio. Online portfolio is helpful to introduce your shots to larger audience and connect with other photography enthusiasts.7. Promote yourself. Once the portfolio completes, get ready for the real job. Work for the tourism section in a tabloid, magazine, or anywhere you can use your photography skills.8. Make a good first impression with outstanding work ethics and skills. You have to stand out if you want to succeed in this field.Now, as you are fully prepared for the professional traveling photographer post, it is time to start earning more money from the job.Write Hotel Reviews for Travel AgentsMany travel agents and websites are more than willing to pay you for reviews and photos of hotels and hostels. This is your opportunity to earn a little extra cash while traveling. Your hotel reviews will be more convincing if you actually have the experience of staying at the said place.Put Advertisements in Your Photography BlogGood photos of attractive places or events will invite travel and photography enthusiasts to your blog. Join affiliate marketing by posting ad banners or writing product reviews in your blog. The more people visit your blog, the better chance you’ll get the money from the ads.Sell Stock PhotosJoin stock photography websites that accommodate and sell your travel photographs. Your selling stock photos for designers who look for instant pictures for low budgeted projects can be beneficial. When these designers download your work, you will be properly rewarded.Participate in CompetitionsThis is probably not a real job, but if you are quite adept in photography, participating in some photographic competitions never hurts. The prize you get from a competition can be higher than what you get from selling regular photos.Write and Sell Photography BookWith photo book you can reach your customer directly. Photo book functions just like a photo blog for people who opt for the printed version. Your book can function as a bible for travelers as well as an inspiration for other traveling photographers.ConclusionNow that you know how to become a traveling photographer and earn money from it, it’s time for you to take action by picking your camera, order a ticket to travel, and start capturing moments!

Majestic Grande Sukhumvit Hotel Review in Bangkok – Travel Hotels Reviews

The Majestic Grande in Bangkok first opened their doors to guests back in 2006. It was touted as one of the best business class hotels right in the heart of Bangkok. But the rooms here are quite pricey. Read on to find out if the Majestic Grande is worth it.Quality:Upon entering the doors of the Majestic Grande one can see instantly that it is a 4 star hotel, mainly catering mainly to the business crowd. However you will find plenty of leisure travelers staying here as well. Since it’s close to a red light district it has become a popular guest friendly hotel, which means anyone staying at the Majestic can bring an unregistered guest back to their room without a paying a fee.There are 6 room types at the Majestic, 3 of them are suite style luxury accommodations. The Superior rooms are 28 sqm. in size and cost 3350 THB (at time of writing) including a free breakfast. It’s actually a decent sized room but because of the larger than usual King sized beds the room feels a bit cramped. Matter of fact everything in the room is quiet large like the 29″ flat screen televisions. Bathrooms are nice in size too. All in all the superior rooms are very comfortable with modern furniture and a nifty one touch room control system next to the bed.If you can afford to spend more then it’s worth it to book a deluxe or premier room types. And if money is no objective than it’s absolutely a must to spend your cash on any of the suites there.Value:Yes it’s pricey and there are many budget hotels near the Majestic Grande. However, if money is not a problem for you or you just want to indulge yourself for a few days than the Majestic is worth every penny. There is a small pool, and I mean small but it’s good enough for a soaking during an often hot Bangkok afternoon. There is also a tiny fitness center with modern equipment. If you get a room rate with free breakfast then you’re in luck because the selection is enough to keep you full late into the afternoon.Also since Majestic Grande is near the popular red light district of Nana they are a guest friendly hotel. So you won’t be charged a fee for taking an unregistered guest back to your room.Location:Majestic Grande is located in central Bangkok on Sukhumvit Soi 2. It’s a quiet lane but there is a small mall with international restaurants, fast food like McDonald’s and sandwich shops nearby. But probably the biggest reason why most would stay here is because it’s super close to Nana Entertainment Plaza, a small 3 floor building filled with go go bars.¬†The BTS Sky Train is not far either, just a 10 minute walk on Sukhumvit road.Conclusion:The Majestic Grande is an excellent business hotel with the capability to serve all your business needs. Leisure travelers will also enjoy their quality and hospitality as well. Even though the Majestic is near a red light district, it’s still a good¬†choice for families, since you don’t have to pass any sights of drunken men trying to pick up prostitutes.